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Safeguarding The Assisted Living Facilities And Other Long-Term Facilities

Seniors and immunocompromised patients are the ones who are more susceptible to the coronavirus. Those living in assisted living facilities and other healthcare facilities are more in danger as practicing social distancing and other precautionary methods are even difficult the follow. Analysts have argued that the government has responded slowly to the worsening health crisis in nursing homes and other facilities, where senior age adults are more prone to coronavirus because they live in close quarters.


With around 20,000 COVID deaths or more, the country’s nursing homes and assisted living facilities are pushing back against the wave of lawsuits and making efforts for the state to grant them emergency protection from claims of inadequate care. About 15 states have executed laws or the governor’s orders that specially provide assisted living facilities, nursing homes and other long-term facilities to protect themselves from the lawsuits that arise from the COVID crisis.

The facilities are now running for a campaign to get other states on board with a argument that , this was an unexpected crisis and the nursing home should not be blamed for the events that are not in their control including shortage of health care supplies, testing,shifting directives from authorities and the illness that have destroyed the staff.


An emergency bill was passed to protect the health care providers during the pandemic. The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a Senate Bill 300, creating the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Limited Liability Act. This Act is meant to provide certain protections to the health care providers from civil liability during the state’s public health crisis that is not a result of negligence or willful misconduct.

This Act will be applied only to patients that are being treated for COVID-19 and not other patients and to any civilian action filed or after the effective date of this act and will end on October 31, 2020 or until the governor concludes the declarations of the emergency.


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