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Restarting the Economy and its impact

About the whole of the US population except the frontline workers have been implementing stay-in-home rules and maintaining physical distancing during their visits to public environment. The number of confirmed cases rises to 1.04 million with more than 50,000 deaths but the economy and people’s mental health are a worry.

President Donald Trump has indicated that many states can be reopened on May 1 and also has given guidelines for restarting the economy. But few governors in the country would like to give more importance to the advice given by the health workers regarding the pandemic. The governors would like to expand the testing, track people affected with the virus and improve the treatment options. 43 states and DC have recommended to school closure till the end of the academic year.  Thee governor of each state has given a latest update on the reopening in their respective states. Read more at

Restarting the economy can bring about a change in the socio-economic state in Americans and can be segregated into two: one that has the power to control the covid exposure and another where people are being forced to choose between their health and financial line. 

Experts say that testing should be increased and spread of the virus should be controlled as no vaccine has been found yet.Many states have already reopened due to the strong desire of the President who is keen to restart the economy of the country. People with power can control other workers, but it is citizens with low income should work on the risk of their health.

The Governors of Georgia and South Carolina are permitting few businesses to reopen, though both the states have been reporting new cases of wide community spread of the coronavirus pandemic.


Life after lockdown is not going to be usual. People will be frightened and scared about what else the COVID-19 can bring to their family and friends.

With the rapid spread and increase in the coronavirus, health is the top priority that has to be considered. Increasing testing centers, mass testing and decrease the spread of the coronavirus is necessary. Locate COVID-19 testing centers near you with

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