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Reopening in Georgia

As the number of cases in the United States has increased to about 1.1 million and the death toll to be 67,785, the spread in the coronavirus has risen tremendously in the country. The lockdown and stay-in-home rules were made in purpose to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

President Trump announced to release of the lockdown in the last week of April for few states along with federal guidelines.  The stay-in-home order has brought a severe loss in the economy. Reopening businesses and other companies will be able to bring back the economy to a better state but by risking the health of an individual.

Georgia state has reopened aggressively to lift the lives after the COVID-19 lockdown, according to epidemiologists and computer scientists at Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology partnering with The Daily Beast. The governors across the U.S are focusing on bringing up economic activity.  Georgia’s governor Brian Kemp has been fearless in releasing the lockdown and permitted all types of business that include fitness centers, tattoo and massage parlors, hair salons, restaurants, theatres. A surveyed poll done by the University of Georgia tells the majority of the Georgians to think the governor was moving too fast on the reopening.

The contact among employees will bring an increased health risk. According to Jackson Killian, a Ph.D. student at Harvard’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences mentioned that the reopening of all the businesses was too early and thus will increase the spread of the virus and deaths that could have been avoided.  



In the meanwhile, Governor Kemp has extended social distancing and sanitation rules for business all over the state through May 13 and public health state emergency until June 12.


Currently, Georgia state has 28,215 confirmed COVID cases, and the death toll is 1,172 (according to CDC, updated on May 3, 2020).

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