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Herd Immunity and It’s Significance During Covid-19

As the world is undergoing a major health crisis, boosting immunity and fighting against coronavirus is essential. Herd immunity is where a society fights together to keep the transmission of the infection low. When a certain population gets immune to a disease, this gives away indirect protection or the herd immunity to the group of people who are not immune to the infection.

Herd immunity can be accomplished when members of society either have been vaccinated or have been recovered from a specific disease. Diseases like measles, mumps and chickenpox, which was once very common in the U.S., is now rare because the vaccines have helped establish the herd immunity. For the herd immunity to protect from the people without immunity, an ample number of people must be able to fight the disease. This percentage is called as the herd immunity threshold.

For diseases without the vaccines, even if adults get infected with the disease at the earliest, the disease may still infect children and adults with low immunity. COVID-19 currently infecting humans, the immunity built by the recovered people can last for months only.

The herd immunity against COVID-19 can be achieved when a group of the population are resistant to the virus. For the rate of spread of the virus, about 70% of the population should be immune or vaccinated to form herd protection. In the worst-case scenario, if physical distancing and other measures do not work to reduce the spread of the virus, the infection will spread rapidly and lead to higher death rates.

The spread can be controlled by continuing physical distancing for a longer period until the vaccine is highly effective, tested and mass-produced. The rule of social distancing can be ruled out for a period of time when the numbers decrease and can be brought back when the spread of infection increases.

The death rate of COVID patients is 74,581 and can increase. It is about 10 times higher than the flu. Senior age adults and people with weak immunity are at a higher risk of the virus. It is always better to maintain physical distancing, washing hands with soap regularly and visit the hospital if symptoms are severe.





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