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Contamination at Testing Centers and Its Impact

Contaminated CDC Labs have Delayed Coronavirus Testing

Federal officials have confirmed on Saturday(April 18th), that two of the three CDC. laboratories in Atlanta that produced the coronavirus test kits violated their own manufacturing standards, resulting in the agency sending tests that did not work to nearly all of the 100 state and local public health labs, according to the FDA.

The FDA, which oversees laboratory tests, sent Dr. Timothy Stenzel, Chief of in vitro diagnostics and radiological health, to the CDC labs to research the problem. He found a lack of expertise in commercial manufacturing and learned that nobody was in charge of the entire process. He said that there were problems such as researchers were entering and exiting the coronavirus laboratories without changing their coats. Test ingredients were being prepared in the same room where researchers were working on positive coronavirus samples. These practices made the test kits sent the public health labs unusable because they were contaminated with the coronavirus and thereby produced inconclusive results . Another reason for contamination in the US, The CDC made its test in a lab, rather than in its manufacturing facilities.

In a statement on Saturday, a spokeswoman for the F.D.A., Stephanie Caccomo, said, “CDC did not manufacture its test consistent with its protocol.”

Meanwhile, the head of the Department of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, was estimating that the US needed at least 300 million respirator masks for healthcare workers. In essence, the national emergency stockpile only had 12 million on hand, and many of those were expired, according to the Times.

As recently as Friday, a nurse at a hospital in California was denied by CDC to get the coronavirus test done, saying that she was wearing required protective equipment, which will help protect herself. This delay in the test puts the whole community at risk.

Trump and a top official on the administration’s coronavirus response task force during the session suggested that the issue has not been entirely resolved within the administration.

“If people want to wear them, they can,” Trump said, declaring that while the administration was “coming out with regulations” on mask-wearing soon, whether to follow them was a personal choice.

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