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Ayurveda in the battle of against COVID-19

With a constant increase in the number of cases and the deaths reported in the US, the hunt for a cure to end the pandemic is gathering pace. People are also looking at alternative and traditional practices such as Ayurveda to find a cure.

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medicine that can help in reducing coronavirus pandemic by boosting one’s immunity.  Ayurveda mainly focuses on healing systems related to mind, body and soul. It is not just considered as ethnomedicine but a complete system that considers the physical, psychological, philosophical, ethical and spiritual wellbeing of man.

As the saying goes – “Prevention is better than cure”. Ayurvedic medicines help strengthen the immunity, provide effective and affordable means to prevent the COVID-19 infection. It targets the host immunity and provides several herbal preparations as well as measures a healthy lifestyle to cope with various diseases, especially infections. Local prevention of spreading the virus includes Ayurvedic practices like consumption of hot water, hot food, herbal drinks, steam inhalation and gargling medicated water. The Rasayana therapies can be considered, that specializes in rejuvenation and help stimulate immunity. Practicing yoga and meditation also helps relieve mental stress and anxiety.


As the US is affected by coronavirus, strengthening immunity is highly recommended. Shifting from Allopathic medicines to Ayurvedic medicines may be beneficial and may reduce the spread of the infection. Telemedicine also plays a vital role in consultation and is easily available. World’s first Ayurvedic only telemedicineservice helps to connect Ayurvedic experts and patients via video consultations that help boost immunity and reduce the spread of coronavirus. Please visit for more details.

Fever with 100.4℃, shortness of breath and respiratory illness are indications of COVID-19. Though Ayurvedic remedies are helpful, getting yourself tested is necessary. Locate COVID-19 testing centers near you with

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